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Full text of "Mathematical And Physical Papers - Iii"

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[The references are to pages.]
nalyser, a new elliptic, 197. re of vibration of pendulums, effect of viscosity on, 111.
lily's pendulum experiments, discussion of, 76.
sssel's pendulum experiments, discussion of, 92.
iange of refrangibility of light (abstract), 259 ; (paper in full), 267. For index see p. 408.
.ouds, explanation of apparent suspension of the, 10, 59.
)loured   rings,   experiment   showing fixed in air, 159, 167, 180. )lours of natural bodies, 35G. ilours of thick plates, 155. imposition and resolution of streams of   polarized   light   from   different sources, 238.
Dulomb's experiments on viscosity, 9, 21, 97.
rystals,  conduction of heat in, 203; fluorescence in, 242, 351, 399. Blinder in a viscous fluid, oscillating, 38; moving uniformly, 62. issipation of energy due to viscosity, 07; dissipation function, 69. iibuat's experiments on resistance, 107. lliptically polarized light, experimental determination of elements of, 197. Lliptically polarized light, distinction between, and common light, 235. pipolic dispersion of light, 259, 267. lames,  feebly   illuminating,   richness of, in rays of high refrangibility, 373. luorescence, 289; cause of, 271, 388,
410; comparison between, and phosphorescence, 385.
Heat, conduction of, in crystals, 203.
Instability of motion of a viscous fluid past an infinite cylinder, 62.
Intensity, total, of interfering light, 228.
Interference, absence of, in two scattered streams of light from the same source, 187.
Internal friction of fluids (see Viscosity).
Opposite polarization, definition of, 239.
Pencil of rays, delicate mode of exhibiting a, 370.
Pendulums, effect of internal friction of fluids on motion of, 1.
Polarized light, direction of vibrations in, 361.
Radiation, effect of, in stifling sound, 142; on the velocity of sound in a tube, 149.
Sound, possible effect on, of radiation of heat, 142.
Sphere in a viscous fluid, effect of viscosity on an oscillating, 22; on a uniformly moving, 55.
Stifling, theoretical, of sound by radiation, 142.
Tomlinson's experiments on viscosity, 139.
Uranium compounds, relation between dark bands of absorption in, and bright bands of light emitted by, 345, 346.
Viscosity of fluids, effects of, on the motion of immersed bodies, 1.